For the latest Improv Everywhere sketch, Charlie Todd brought a troupe of human mannequins to the Gap's 5th Avenue store. There were 40 in total, all wearing white Morphsuits, which matched the shade of the real Gap mannequins, and clothing from the store. Todd writes, "Customers and employees laughed and took photos of the performance, but Gap security reacted by dialing 911." Well, flash mobs are kind of annoying. The NYPD "arrived and handcuffed many performers, but after assessing the situation, everyone was allowed to leave the store." Todd explained further in an email to us this morning:

"I figured that there was a strong chance we'd be asked to leave, but I was surprised that Gap security dialed 911 before even approaching one of our participants. I had instructed participants to leave if asked to do so. So yeah, the response surprised us. That said, I understand that this guy has to answer to his boss if something goes wrong, and ultimately I'm the guy that came into his store and staged an unauthorized performance. I think there was a misunderstanding on the 911 call because the cops told me they were told there was a robbery in progress, which explains the mass handcuffing. In the end, everyone was free to go, and the cops were nice about it."