Last week's season premiere of Saturday Night Live may have had America's Most Overhyped Sexpot Megan Fox as host, but this week's second episode ended up being the true Ladies Night, with divas in full force. Host Ryan Reynolds did that thing you do when your spouse is an even bigger star than you and brought along his wife (and soon-to-be Broadway actress) Scarlett Johansson, who reprised her role as a local saleswoman pitching "Chandeliers!" for dad Fred Armisen's Long Island business, that has now apparently expanded to porcelain fountains.

And Ryry wasn't the only one who brought out a megastarlet. Musical guest (and pride of Yonkers) Lady Gaga had a tagalong of her own—Madonna—making a cameo on Kenan Thompson's recurring MTV 4 sketch (that hasn't been the same since it lost Rachel Dratch's "Tiara.")

SNL joined the other late night shows that playfully poked fun at David Letterman's scandal without being too vicious. Seth Meyers threw a couple barbs during Weekend Update about Letterman's "Stupid Human Tricks" and how the true embarrassing revelation was that he says "stay tuned for Craig Ferguson" at the end of sex. After the jump is Madge's cameo, a portrayal of what happens when Norwegian actors try to capture the Gotham spirit and the original chandelier gold from back when ScarJo hosted last year.