Saturday night's powerful storms left its mark on NJ, with thousands of residents without power for days. And the storm was especially scary on the shore: In the moments before the storm, one teenager enjoying the Sky Ride at Seaside Heights got really worried and jumped from the chair lift. Melanie Rossomando explained to News 12, "In my mind I was like, I'm either getting struck by lightning or I'm breaking a leg maybe." Here's video—she jumps after the 45 second mark:

But Rossomando wasn't injured! "I'm not a calm person," she explained. "I'm really not. I freaked out. You can hear in the video I was screaming bloody murder." The 17-year-old told WCBS 2, "The way my hair was blowing, the way my seat was rocking. The lightning was so close."

What's nice is that the guy in the video does rush over and ask if she's okay and also urged Rossomando's friend, Herlide Joseph, not to jump. Joseph told WCBS 2, "I said, ‘I’ll jump if you jump with me.’ And she said ‘Okay.’ And then right away she jumped and I wasn’t ready for it."

An off-duty EMT found Rossomando and got her back to the boardwalk. Her father said, "That was her instinct with lightning all around her. We support that she did it. We’re just glad she’s okay."