Earlier this year Abbi Jacobson received a piece of mail at her MacDougal Street address that had been sent in 1944. The letter, arriving nearly 70 years late, was addressed to Mrs. Joseph O. Matthews, and sent by her husband, a lieutenant shipping out to Okinawa during WWII. Though every soldier in his platoon died at war, Matthews survived... but his marriage and faith in God did not. We know this now because Jacobson and her cohort Todd Bieber tracked down the family, who remain in New York City—below you can meet them and hear about Lt. Joseph O. Matthews' pretty amazing life.

During the ten minute mini-doc, his son shares some insight into the letter, saying, "At the time clearly my father had a very close relationship with his wife, to whom he's writing the letter. And that's a part of him I was never connected to at all... I never had a personal connection with the recipient of the letter." His mother, it turns out, left when he was just 10 months old, making the letter "a glimpse into a love that didn't last."

In the letter, Matthews also writes: "God is with us," something that his family explains was sort of shocking to read, as he "was very disdainful of religion... as a result of having been in the war, and whatever scars he had."