Actor Chad L. Coleman, aka Tyrese from The Walking Dead and Cutty from The Wire, went on a long rant on the 4 train on Friday, yelling at straphangers for several minutes about humanity and encouraging them to take video of him. "I wanna know where my humanitarians are!" he yelled, walking up and down the train. "Yes, I am Chad L. Coleman. I am on The Wire, The Walking Dead, I’m not trying to f--k with you. I’m telling you the truth."

"If you care, f--king care! And that's the goddamn truth," he shouted. "And when you record what I said, tell me what the f--k you exposed. Nothing but the truth."

As you can see in the video below, it turns out Coleman has the same intensity as his character from The Walking Dead in real life. Except his character on the show is (SPOILER!) dead, and the real Coleman is alive and very hoarse from yelling at New Yorkers.

After the first fiery few minutes, Coleman calms down and has a relatively pleasant conversation with the videographer about some of his past roles. Coleman acknowledged the incident to TMZ, saying he was sober and that the rant had been inspired after he overheard a racist comment from someone on the train:

We spoke with Coleman, who told us he heard a guy and a girl on the train talking, trying to figure out where they knew him. He says the guy told the girl, "No, we don't know that n*****," and that set him off.

As for the screams about humanity, he says he was referencing the problems in Baltimore.

Coleman had also sent out the tweet below the day before the incident.