[UPDATE BELOW SORRY MACY'S] Last night Macy's scared the American spirit right out of some Upper West Siders when they decided to test their Usher-curated 4th of July fireworks at 9:30 p.m. Gothamist's own Jen Chung described them as "SCARY LOUD," adding, "I was really worried." She also said she "would like a personal apology from Usher." Of course, a lot of New York was oblivious since the fireworks are still on the Hudson and not the East River.

The real fireworks will take place around 8 p.m. on July 4th (they'll be aired on NBC for those who can't see them because they're still on the Hudson)... and did you know that Taylor Swift is performing?

UPDATE: Macy's tells us, "This was not a Macy's event." Turns out Macy's tests their fireworks out in the Mojave desert. Well la di da.

Remember everyone, it's fireworks season! Remain calm.