This mariachi band performing "Feliz Navidad" on the subway will spark joy in even the most subway-delay hardened hearts.

A mariachi band decked out in Christmas sweaters, Santa hats and a Mexican flag-designed accordion to match brought some holiday cheer to a local uptown 1 train on Christmas Eve, singing "Feliz Navidad," arguably the catchiest and most joyful Christmas song ever written.

Streets safety activist and Community Board 6 member Rich Mintz snapped the video about 10:45 a.m. Christmas Eve on an uptown 1 train between 66th and 72nd streets, he told Gothamist.

The accordion player danced throughout the train and sang the holiday classic, written in 1970 by José Feliciano.

The video has racked up some 5,800 views (hundreds of those are mine) since Tuesday.

And while we're here, a friendly reminder to tip your buskers, showtime performers, churro ladies, delivery workers, servers and baristas on the job today, throughout the holiday season, and forever.