"Blurred Lines", the Robin Thicke jam that's been incessantly and inexplicably sweeping the nation this summer, has been subject to a couple of inventive treatments thus far, including a Cosby-ed version and a recent Anthony Weiner send-up appropriately titled, "Blurred Junk". But Late Night with Jimmy Fallon doled out a pretty creative "Blurred Lines" bit last night, teaming Thicke up with Fallon and the Roots and only using instruments found in an elementary school classroom. Behold:

As you can see, the crew's utilizing the same musical tools you once used to burst your third grade teacher's right eardrum, assuming your arts program wasn't slashed by the cruel hands of city planning. It's been a while since we've set foot in a classroom, but it looks like the gang's got a xylophone, a maraca, a cowbell (REQUISITE MORE COWBELL PARENTHETICAL), some kind of keyboard/recorder hybrid, a ukelele, a kazoo and what looks confusingly like a banana, but appears to rattle. Hm.

The video's pretty cute, and almost manages to redeem all the douchebaggery emanating from the original video. As one YouTube commenter noted [sic] "This was fantastic! I hated the song Bc of the video and it totally turned me off of Robin- thanks to jimmy this let me see a different side of him . I can see why his wife still loves him." There you have it, folks: Jimmy Fallon, redeeming Canadian pop stars one musical banana at a time.