After honing his Donald Trump impression over the course of the entire presidential campaign—improvising at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, appearing on @Midnight in character, and touring the country as Trump with comedian James Adomian's Bernie Sanders—Anthony Atamanuik's all-new Trump comedy program The President Show premiered on Comedy Central last night.

Following in the footsteps of another Comedy Central show, That's My Bush!, Atamanuik has said he's as interested in capturing the emptiness in Trump's soul as much as capturing his unique mannerisms. Below, check out a clip from the premiere, in which the president plays a game of "Nice! Not Nice!" and reveals his hatred for corn chowder, his mixed feelings on Sean Spicer, and identified Germany's lowest moment: "The German people who booed [Ivanka] when she defended me at a conference in Berlin. Disgusting! This is the worst thing the Germans have ever done, ever."

In case you missed it, Atamanuik-as-Trump showed up on The Daily Show this week as well to explain his plan for making Comedy Central great again.