In this daring documentary, the intrepid Internets Celebrities video crew travels to the most exotic bodegas in New York City to bring back rare footage of the establishments' ferocious yet furry guardians. As the Planet Earth-esque narration explains, "Every bodega cat has unique markings, unique personality, unique whiskers. The bodega is their terrain. It is an urban outpost, and they are the sentries."

The video provides an intimate look into the daily lives of these remarkable beasts, seldom seen in civilization. In one fascinating segment, the narrator intones that "a busy day of watching over foodstuffs has made the bodega cat tired, ready for rest. First, they must replenish their energy with a drink from the watering hole." [The toilet!] "The bodega cat has a noble task. It hunts rodents and stops them from nibbling at the processed foods of this fine establishment. Wait! Is that a mouse?! No, it's just a shoelace. But if it had been vermin, it would have been captured.

"If you're lucky enough to see a bodega cat, show respect." And hope that it remains undetected by Health Department inspectors. [Via Laughing Squid]