We're not ones to pass up a good hyperlapse video, or even a marginal hyperlapse video with a dreamy soundtrack, because that shit is cool and this is as close as any of us are going to get to escaping the bonds of the desk today.

We begin by City Hall, first navigating the unceasing clusterfuck that is the Brooklyn Bridge, through downtown Brooklyn, past cars, buses, pedestrians, more cars, loop back around through DUMBO, across Flushing Avenue up to Williamsburg, right on Broadway to South 4th Street, over the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan and back over the Manhattan Bridge, where you can pause again to take in the East River as you crest the arch and pick up speed on the downhill, returning again to DUMBO, cursing the cobblestones as they rattle your skull.

End by Jane's Carousel, grab a taco from the nearby Calexico stand, stare into the face of lower Manhattan and immanentize the eschaton, or just sit there and do you. Either way it's not a bad way to spend the day. [h/t Reddit]