We're coming up on three weeks since Hurricane Sandy bashed the tri-state area with the worst storm surges in modern history. John Mattiuzzi, the filmmaker who captured the dramatic explosion of the East Village Con Ed Substation that knocked out power to parts of downtown Manhattan for almost a week, has put together a full video capturing Williamsburg during the storm. At first, there are a lot of hipsters gleefully frolicking; but leading up to and after the dramatic Con Ed explosion, things take a turn toward being more tense. Watch it below.

FRANKENSTORM: From Across The East River from John Mattiuzzi on Vimeo.

Here's how Mattiuzzi described it:

When I set out to film my neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the night of the hurricane, I did not anticipate the footage I was about to film. My main goal was to make a short film of whatever I captured that night. A small art film was the idea. But after the explosion, things quickly changed for me. Two weeks later, I finally had time to edit this film together, and show a small perspective of the storm: "A One Block's Story."

This film is an emotional response of what it actually felt like to be out in hurricane Sandy, amidst all the immense energy, that eventually consumed parts of ours.