Production for the penultimate seventh season of Game Of Thrones pushed the show's usual start date from spring to summer, leaving Thronesheads (Westerosifolks?) starved for all that Lyanna Mormont content we crave. But they've thrown us a very nice bone today: below, check out the first official promo for the new season (and no, that teaser with no footage doesn't count, shut up).

Although there's (seemingly) no actual footage from the new season, there IS new footage of three of the major players still left alive (and the Night's King) recreating Supertramp's 1979 classic "Take The Long Walk Home." (This promo is soundtracked by James' 1990 tune, "Sit Down," which doesn't exactly help my Supertramp theory, but the video IS titled, "Long Walk" so eat that.) Those three featured players are, of course, Queen Cersei Lannister, King Of The North Jon Snow, and Daenerys Stormborn Of The House Targaryen, The First Of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals And The First Men, Khaleesi Of The Great Grass Sea, Breaker Of Chains, Mother Of Dragons, Sleeper Of Daario, Inadvertent Incinerator Of Little Children, The Meereen Machine, Into The Distance Starer, High Lord Of Title-Heavy Introductions, Queen Of Nothing, Arriver At Opportune Times, Master Of Smooth Breakups.

Season seven, which will only contain seven new episodes instead of the usual ten, will premiere on HBO on July 16th. The Game Of Thrones Power Rankings, the only authoritative power rankings for the Seven Kingdoms (trust no imitators!), will return on July 17th.