While soul singer Erykah Badu may have been busy hanging out in Bed-Stuy at Spike Lee's block party this weekend, she was out and about in midtown Manhattan on Friday when she stumbled upon PIX11 reporter Mario Diaz doing a story on Shia LaBeouf's meltdown. And like any human being who has ever found themselves in the background of a live broadcast, Badu started doing weird, awkward, funny shit—including trying to kiss Diaz. Watch below.

She smirks! She makes a rude gesture! She does funny walks back and forth! She wears a Pharrell-sized hat! Later on Twitter, she acknowledged it was her and apologized to Lopez, which led to this exchange:

For what it's worth, it's pretty clear Badu was just following the old "do unto others" golden rule, as she sings in "Kiss Me On My Neck:" "I want somebody to walk up behind me/ And kiss me on my neck and breathe on my neck."