When we think of the noisiest parts of the city, we think TIMES SQUARE GUITAR CENTER, WEST SIDE HIGHWAY, WILLIAMSBURG, and especially, the ever-dependable blare of DUMBO. But maybe all those places aren't so bad next to Crescent Street in Long Island City, which deserves some sort of special accommodation for being the most obnoxiously loud street in NYC ever to be captured on YouTube.

The video uploader explained on Reddit that this was taken right at the Queensboro Bridge, and says it's a constant nightmare are of noise pollution:

The traffic backs up 4 or 5 blocks during every morning and evening rush hour. Sometimes the police hold traffic even at a green light, but every car that isn't in the first three rows can't see that, so they decide that all honking in unison is the best way to get traffic moving again. So what you get is two solid aves of cars and trucks honking at the same time. Luckily this only happens every 30 seconds during 7:30-9:30am and 4-6:30pm, every weekday. My broker somehow failed to mention this :)

Technically speaking, it's illegal to use "any claxon installed on a motor vehicle" except in an emergency in the city—it's a $350 fine for unnecessary horn blowing—but fat chance any police are going to ticket motorists for that. All the poor souls living on Crescent Street can hope for is for their very own Ray Ploshansky to step up and confront the madness head-on. Short of that, locals will just have to accept their noise-induced weight gain with dignity.