Everyone loves The Lion King, the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical that has been running for approximately 25 years or whatnot. So the cast decided to take a break between shows on June 28th and head down to the A train at 59th Street to surprise straphangers with an a capella performance of "Circle Of Life."

Everyone on board appears to be having a pretty good time in the video, except for the gentleman who shows up from 1:23-1:34, and seems to have burrowed his fist so deeply into his cheek that he no longer has a cheek, just a wayward facial fist growth that he should probably have checked immediately by a medical professional.

When we said earlier that "everyone" loves The Lion King, we weren't referring to YouTube commenters, who were, as expected, both killjoys and semi-incoherent in their appraisals of the performance. But packing their misanthropy together congeals into a sort of mind-numbing yet-strangely-beautiful form of angst-ridden poetry. It's kind of adorable how mad they are.

"I hope it sounded better in person
if someone started singing that loud on my morning commute, I'd blow a gasket XD"
"Just a load of annoying and inaudible screaming and shouting!"
"This is super rude"
"This fucking horrendous what a bunch of hacks. learn how to singing you idiots"
"If its happen in our TTC Subway am fuckin like to Die but I cant Handle it this shit At all."
"I hate these "love life" people , sing in the fucking shower dickheads"
"Am I the only one who thinks this sounds horrible?
Just a bunch of assholes yelling"

Anyway, this is still our favorite Lion King/subway-related thing ever: