Millions of people awoke on Black Friday with the after-effects of tryptophan still lingering, only to be gifted with the first teaser trailer for the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Yawns, Reconsiders, Goes Back To Sleep, Has A Nice Slumber. Debates about lightsaber hilts aside, it was by all accounts a pretty awesome teaser. If you feel like you're craving more Star Wars content, then go watch the Lego-ized version of the trailer below.

Here's how the creator, Snooperking, described the project:

I had nothing to do yesterday so I started once the trailer came out so I built the Falcon, The X-Wing, The speeder bike thingy, a mini tie fighter, tried to build all the sets, and get all my minifigures put together... then just filming took forever especially the the special effects... I tried stop motion in front of the green screen and that was hard and by this time it was 3am so like more than 12 hours (I took a 3 hour break somewhere) and then finally gave up and used sewing string for the X-Wing and just kind of moved my camera around the falcon, I wasn't as happy with the falcon shot but I cant work on it at all today so I had to finish it like 4 hours ago, but I just woke up to go to my grandparents house, and now you know everything about how it was made!

If you feel this is all just gilding the Lego, then go ahead and rewatch the Star Wars teaser below. Guess what: it's still pretty good 24-hours later.

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