Much of the country is in a tryptophan-induced state of bliss this morning, which seems like the perfect time to drop the first teaser trailer for the hotly-anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Yawns, Reconsiders, Goes Back To Sleep, Has A Nice Slumber. And now it's here to save America! Why are you reading this, go watch!

Millennium falcon! Stormtroopers! Protagonists! Neat new Sith lightsaber! Everything's coming up John Boyega! That was some good teasing.

Anyway, all the tryptophan in the world can't ensure that Greedo shot first in whatever "new" edition of the original trilogy we are allowed to own on Blu-Ray/DVD, nor can it erase the memory of Jar Jar Binks and trade federations and Hayden ActingFace Christensen. All we can do is pray to Jabba The Hutt that JJ Abrams took a page from Days Of Future Past and/or Friday Night Lights season 2, and we can all pretend all those bad things never really happened.