Between the promos, hosting SNL and moody diner photos, we're getting very excited about the new season of Louie, which premieres on FX on May 5th. But what exactly is it that makes Louie...Louie? Is it the brilliant way Louis C.K. expands his stand-up routines into existential short films? Is it the anything-can-happen, continuity-be-damned experimentalism? Is it the brutal honesty and depth of emotion C.K. employs in service of his muse? Or is it all the dick jokes? Oh, right, it's all the dick jokes.

Digg compiled the video above, which proves that the show really is, at its core, a showcase for C.K. to work over every dick joke imaginable—and unimaginable, considering his beloved and oft-used "bag of dicks" line.

How can C.K. possibly top himself this season? Let's look back at what he said at Paley Fest a few months ago about season four for some insights: “There's some episodes that are just like, let's really get some basic [dicks] with some of these [dicks]. It was fun to go back to [dicks]. And then there's other [dicks] that, it's just gonna piss you off [of your dick].”