The unofficial catchphrase for season two of Jersey Shore seems to be: "I'm in Miami, Bitch!" So yeah, in this preview they're in Miami, but only because it's snowing back in the tri-state area... once that snow melts, however, they're going to reunite with the dirty Jerz and fistpump to the rhythmic sound of that annoying duck phone.

Fast forward a bit, and now the guidos and guidettes are already gearing up for their second season to air on July 29th—why just this afternoon Snooki Twittered "Jersey Shore season 2 trailer! Brace yaselfs!"

And with that, here is the hair-pulling-tastic, season two trailer:

While Italian-American groups are still against the show for their use of the word guido, can we expect more misguided protests outside of Viacom this summer by Jersey locals?