Last night Snooki Twittered "LMAO" with a link... so obviously something hilarious was awaiting us just a click away. And sure enough... it was this Funny or Die skit that she, The Situation and Pauly D recently did. While it may be hilarious to see them try to step outside of their fist-pumping selves for a moment... in all seriousness, this Jersey Shore craze is going to end before they, like, actually get famous, right?

Even their protesters are trying to get more attention! The organizer of the "Jersey Shore Against Jersey Shore" protest says he's planning another one outside of Viacom, and he's looking to attain permits to make this one legal. You can read his mission statement in ALL CAPS on the Facebook page. And after you do that, see Alyssa Milano get transformed into Snooki (for real).