Apparently Eminem has a new album coming out, so he appeared during ESPN’s Michigan-Notre Dame broadcast Saturday to promote his latest single, “Berzerk,” because why wouldn't a rapper premiere his music video during a college football game? Eminem apparently was weirded out by the whole thing, and proceeded to act bizarre and stilted on camera. Was he high, or was he just 'avin a laff?

We're pretty sure he was just 'avin a laff—he even Instagrammed an appropriately dopey pic from the broadcast later to show how self-aware he was about it. And it there was some logic to his appearance: the new single will be featured on “Saturday Night Football” in future weeks.

But his strategy to drum up some attention—staring dead-eyed slightly off-screen, barely answering any questions, embracing awkward silence, and complimenting announcer Brent Musburger—worked just as he intended. People were concerned that he was ill, or stoned, or on bad molly. "The broadcasters chuckled. The men shook hands. And then America wondered what just happened," the Post wrote while huddled in a corner rocking back and forth.