cat5himym.jpgLast night How I Met Your Mother traveled back to August 26th, 2011, "as Hurricane Irene was barreling towards New York." You can watch the full thing here, but grab your duct tape and jugs of water, this is a Category 5 How I Met Your Mother, at least, that is what they called it. (Is that "too soon"? After all, this storm did force former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach out of his New Jersey home.) While we're huge fans of the show, we have some suggestions about how this episode could have been more realistic:

  • Mayor Bloomberg makes a cameo announcing that it's too late to evacuate, but what about the real hero of the hurricane: El Bloombito?
  • A huge hurricane is on its way and all you buys is a couple of six packs? What about the handles of vodka? The boxes of wine?
  • They're in a big, fancy, glass apartment building and don't put tape on the windows? (Though, maybe they know that doesn't work anyway.)
  • The episode could have used more animals, namely: hurricane cat, hurricane lamb, and hurricane mystery creature.
  • No "Come on, Irene" sing-a-longs?
  • And why didn't anyone have a I Survived The Quake tattoo? In fact, no one even mentioned the earthquake that came right before Irene.
  • At some point, Ted declares, "They're gonna close the bridges!" But there is absolutely no mention of the subways shutting down, which was kind of a big deal!
  • Doesn't Robin still work at World Wide News? Why wasn't she all over this coverage?

Though, bonus points for using The Pixies highly underrated Doolittle song "Hey" at the end... even if we may have gone with "Stormy Weather."