Earlier this year we saw the trailer for Ghost: The Musical, but were quickly disappointed when we saw the show was only running in London. Well now we've received word in our inbox that "the supernatural power of love" is coming to Broadway's Nederlander Theater in April, 2012. We sent the trailer around the Gothamist office to find out if this would be a good show for our annual, mandatory Gothamist theater field trip... and things aren't looking so good:

  • "I hope the producers have prepared for Patrick Swayze's 'Ghost' to descend upon theatergoers and warn them of the grave danger that will come from seeing this. And no, I wouldn't see it. Except if I get stoned with Whoopi Goldberg beforehand."
  • "That subway scene looks amazing or awful—I can't decide! But it doesn't look like it has any flying spiders or singing Mormons, so not sure if I'll definitely see it."
  • "Cheesy, but I DO like glitter. And there is a lot of that. But really, casting a blond, curly-headed Demi? It just seems wrong."
  • "Let me liveblog it for you, in S's: Sparkly! Shirtless! Silly! Stupid! Seriously?"
  • "I hope they sell replicas of the underwear that Patrick Swayze knew Demi Moore wrote her name on."
  • "No Whoopi? No thank you."

The production will be directed by Tony Award winner Matthew Warchus (God of Carnage), and will have a brand new, original score by Grammy Award winners Dave Stewart (half of the Eurythmics) and Glen Ballard (Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror, Alanis Morisette’s Jagged Little Pill). Bruce Joel Rubin, who wrote the original screenplay, has adapted it for the stage. No word on who is in charge of clay, but there better be someone in charge of clay.