Discovery's long-running Cash Cab game show offers money to taxi fares who answer trivia questions correctly—so it is almost surprising it took so long for somebody to try the opposite. Enter Fare Play, a new webseries in which some cah-razy kids catch a cab and then torture their driver by making him answer trivia questions for tip money. And we thought you tipped drivers for their driving!

So far just one episode has gone up, but it seems a potentially fun enough idea. What makes the first stab slightly charming is that the driver, a man named Mustafa, is game to play and seems to find the whole thing amusing enough. We can easily imagine other hacks not reacting nearly as well (luckily there is an app for that).

Oh, and tip to the crew for the next time they shoot? The camera guy really ought to wear a seatbelt. Not only is it the law, but that beeping grates!