After years of rumors, months of hype, and dozens of commercials featuring Will Ferrell's mustachioed face shilling for some product or another, Anchorman 2 was finally released into the world this past winter. And it was...perfectly okay, if kind of forgettable. But even if you found it underwhelming, you might love the new version of the film packed with 763 new jokes coming to theaters next week!

Before the film was released, director Adam McKay noted, "We did so much improv on this one that we can literally replace every single joke in the movie and put in alt scenes and alt improv runs. I think the editor’s working on it right now, with 250 new jokes." He mentioned the idea of releasing a super-sized version of the film on the midnight movie circuit or perhaps a DVD release ala Wake Up Ron Burgundy.

But it seems Paramount executives "surprised them by insisting on a theatrical rerelease," according to the Times. As a result, the rerelease, officially called Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues: Super-Sized R-Rated Version, will be in theaters for one week only starting next Friday. It's at least 20 minutes longer, much raunchier, and includes a musical number. "This is a stitched up, Frankenstein version," McKay said. "You'll either love it or hate it."