Yesterday, three elephants from the Ringling Bros. circus and three Major League Eaters (because eating is a sport now) faced off in a Nathan's Hot Dog Bun eating contest. And just like last year, Bunny, Susie and Minnie completely schooled the humans. Though you can't say it was a fair fight, since three-time Mustard Belt winner and American hero Joey "Jaws" Chestnut wasn't part of the competition.

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Despite being cheered on by a terrifying anthropomorphized hot dog wearing green chucks, the MLEs were only able to scarf down 15 dozen buns in six minutes. The elephants ate 41 dozen. Major League Eating chairman George Shea said before the competition that the repercussions of a loss could be grave, affecting more than just human-pachyderm relations. He told AOL, "This contest will set the tone for male/female relations across the globe and, in fact, across the animal kingdom. If the male humans win, it will redeem their gender and species; if they lose, their embarrassment will know no bounds." Better luck next year, guys.