Back in 2012, earnest white lady Michelle Joni Lapidos donned an afro around Harlem for a tone-deaf blog; about a year later, she started a skipping club. Now this month, the Brooklyn resident has launched her latest project: the world's first preschool for adults. Brace yourself for colors.

Lapidos's Preschool Mastermind is a month-long "course" that allows adults the opportunity to vent their frustrations with adulthood by finger painting and taking naps. It's not exactly cheap to participate in show-and-tell though: full classes start at $333 and go up to $999 for the full five-week program.

Lapidos describes it as a form of therapy: "Part of it is finding the secret to getting adults to get out of their normal routine and start playing more," she said. "My hope is that everyone who participates in the Preschool Mastermind really comes out of it with a new sense of looking at the world with curiosity, with imagination, and they're able to see things differently."

While we don't think anyone should be judged for a strict adherence to nap time—and Rex Ryan certainly taught us the beauty of snack time—there are a lot of cheaper, less infantilizing ways of blowing off steam that don't involve adhering to a schedule of slumber parties and dress up. This guy could probably offer some tips.