The Onion AV Club has a sweet video segment for fans of Wes Anderson's third feature The Royal Tenebaums. Shot on location in NYC and released just months after the 9/11 attacks, the detached family comedy at first seemed a little too twee and fussy for that particular historical moment. But over time, we've fallen hard for the Royal T's subtle humor and nuanced ensemble performances—and while you may not catch it at first glance, to quote Paul Rudd, there's a lot of pain behind those eyes (it's just delicately understated). Anyway, that gorgeous house! It's still there, tucked away on a residential block in Harlem, and the AV Club recently dropped by with one of the location scouts to talk about how they found it and Anderson's vision:

If you want to make your own "pop pilgrimage," the address is 339 Convent Avenue, conveniently located near the A/B/C/D stop at 145th Street. Just follow Mordecai when you get out of the subway! Here's the trailer for the film; if you haven't seen it in a while, you'll be delighted to recall that the film is narrated by Alec Baldwin: