Over the summer, two brothers—Kellen and Riley Dengler—took their drone out to capture New York City from above. They've now edited down their footage into a transcendent one-minute video, which will float you high above the city. (You can also follow them on Instagram for some short clips.)

According to WNYC, one law professor recently "dug through the New York City ordinances and hasn't found any specific language outlawing drones," but they note that the NYPD could hit you with a Reckless Endangerment charge. Luckily, that did not happen to these two, who played it safe by staying out of questionable areas. Below, they tell us a little bit about their process.

How many hours of footage did you get? My brother Riley and I probably have close to 20 hours of footage from the past couple of months. We would probably have a lot more to be honest, but the short battery life is the biggest limitation (each flight is about 15 minutes).

How many hours went in to filming? Right now, when we take it out we usually have a solid hour or so of time put into it. We have to set it all up and get it put together, then test the GPS signals and then give it a bit of a test flight before we really get going anywhere with it. With 3 batteries we can get about 45 minutes of total flight time in. All in we have at least 20+ hours of time put into this. This is just some of the best footage we have so far and we wanted to put it all together in one short clip for people to see.

What times did you fly it? It really would depend on what our schedules were like, but in the evenings is usually best when you can get that magic hour light just before sunset. We got really into it and were flying it almost every evening for a while. We still do when we can.

Was there anywhere you were unable to fly the drone that you wish you could have? We would love to do more in the thick of Midtown near Times Square, but with so many people and so much going on it would be a little unsafe, so we are staying away from that. We’ve seen some disastrous videos on YouTube.