How long do you think it would take you to drive the entire way around the isle of Manhattan? Because whatever time you've got in your head we're pretty sure it'll be hard to top the time that this driver pulled off at some point last year. Going up the FDR, across at the GW Bridge Interchange, down the Henry Hudson, and across again at the Battery Park Tunnel he managed to do the 24 mile trek in 26 minutes (averaging 56 mph with a top speed of 111 mph).

The video (which is sped up 5.5 times) claims it shows the fastest driven lap of Manhattan on record. But not everyone believes that. As Kottke points out, one of the comments on the YouTube video awesomely calls the video's record into question:

I am an NYC cab driver and I promise I could beat this record in my crown Victoria. Simple factors that are unaware to the civilian driver the cabby knows. This cabby knows to drive sunday night when theres no construction work being done, this cabby knows what speed to maintain to time the lights on the westside highway and this cabby knows the quickest way from the FDR to the West side highway.

Gotta love those New York hacks. We wonder how long a lap like that might take if you were actually on the streets and avenues?