Over two years ago, after we wrote about a driver who hit 55 consecutive green lights in a row, taxi driver Noah Forman took it upon himself to best that record. He ended up hitting over 100 lights in a row. But Forman isn't one to rest on his laurels and sleepdrive (wait, that sounds like a bad idea) through life. Instead, he decided to break his own record earlier this month, and hit over 240 green lights in a row in Manhattan.

You can watch his highlight reel from the drive, which took place on December 3rd, below.

NOAH 240 from Shawn Swetsky - Post Production on Vimeo.

Forman, who has now started driving a TLC black car for rideshare companies like Uber, told us that after the 100+ video, he tried to get up to 200 lights in a row. "But I wasn't satisfied with that number, these two years have gone by and much has changed, people are driving slower, stopping in random places, crossing four lanes of traffic," he said. "More trucks are out at night, a lot more uber cars are on the road...I was hoping to push my goal up to a large number like 500 green lights, but I'll settle for this: no stopping, smooth, well mostly smooth sailing, for an estimated 240 lights, one yellow, all the rest green."

If, for some reason, you really want to watch his entire ride in real time, go ahead and spend 26 minutes inside Forman's car below.

N.B.: This is not an endorsement of speeding or rushing to make a green light. Nobody should challenge themselves to speed around the city—but as Sonic Youth once put it, feel free to kneel before the green light.