TLC's hit documentary on ridiculously bad parenting, Toddlers and Tiaras, took the leap from the small screen to Fashion Week yesterday. Former Real Housewives of New York person Kelly Bensimon hosted the “Cowgirl Riders Debutante Fashion Show” for a bunch of too-innocent-to-understand-how-terrible-their-parents-are six-year-olds in the basement of the Bryant Park Hotel. The headliner of the show was Eden Wood, the breakout star of the TLC freakshow who left the program to pursue other equally-sad opportunities. Watch some totally age-appropriate video of her slapping her butt at the event below!

Bensimon defended the Wood's pageantry after the show to The Daily Beast, who called it "the best fashion show of the week:" “That wasn’t stripping. That was just her having a little fun, girly moment." Not that she would necessarily let her kids shake their tutus: “I didn’t want to push my kids into something they didn’t feel good about. But these kids were feeling good about it. And they walked away happy."

We can't believe that the Post, not always the most objective newspaper, are the only ones who seem to have a problem with the show, describing it as: "Tarted-up little girls gyrate onstage in bizarro fashion show." But hey, if dressing up your pre-pre-tween as a prostitute is riveting TV by THE LEARNING CHANNEL'S standards, when will Sesame Street start doing segments on "Virgin" bikini waxes?