The good news for Big Terrific co-host Jenny Slate is that the morning after her Saturday Night Live debut, everyone is talking about her ad-libbing skills. The bad news is that the talk is around whether Slate might be fired or punished after accidentally dropping an F-bomb on the show's season premiere last night. You can see Slate immediately realize what she's just done in the clip below.

"You can take the girl outta Brooklyn..." The sketch that Slate was in was called "Biker Chick Chat" where the characters would use the word "frickin" throughout, inviting the unfortunate slip of the tongue. Head writer and longtime cast member Seth Meyers was hugging Jenny as she gave her first goodbye wave at the end of the show. Hopefully no press is bad press, right? Slate dropped an f-bomb when she and comedy partner Gabe Liedman talked with Gothamist a few months ago.