Warning: It's very, very dusty in here.

Earlier this year an abandoned mastiff pup named Jesse was found in a park in Harlem. She was injured (it is unclear how) and couldn't walk on her own, but her rescuers—the non-profit New York Bully Crew—were determined to help. They raised money for her rehab, and documented her progress—from crawling, to using some wheels:

Man, *sniff*, allergy season IS really bad this year.

But now there's good news: Jesse has come a long way since she was found crawling alone in a park in Harlem—the organization recently released this video via Instagram, showing her walk on her own! They wrote on Facebook, "One week ago today, Jesse stood on all fours with no help. During this past week she took her first step. Today, she is walking! I knew she would... Next is running with my pack... This is truly what I live for and feel blessed to have been able to help her through this... And please don't be sad she fell at the end.. We all as babies have been there."

Jesse is not (yet?) up for adoption, but you can adopt any of these lovely ladies the organization has listed. We're gonna go watch that Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial now. [h/t/ Reddit]