"YEAAAAHHH! WE ARE RIDING A CHOO-CHOO TRAIN TO EDC YOU GUYS! Wait, did you really just ask me 'what's EDC?!' OMG you are so old GROSS. Uh, EDC is Electric Daisy Carnival, DUH! You know, Cedric Gervais? Empire of the Sun? AFROJACK? You know what, don't even talk to me, go ride in the sad old man chattel car and listen to your boring National playlist. WE'RE GOING TO EDC—HAVE YOU SEEN MOLLY YAAAAAY AMERICA IS FUCKED" Yes, the Electric Daisy Carnival (a huge electronic dance music festival) occurred at Citi Field this weekend, or so we learned this morning from an intern who sent us links to Rolling Stone and YouTube. If you weren't riding the LIRR on Saturday or Sunday, look at all the fun you missed:

The horror. At least on St. Patrick's Day the rowdy yahoos use the LIRR for sporting contests, which seems more productive somehow: