By now you're achingly familiar with "Richard Chicken," the anonymous graffiti artist whose illustrations of a chicken with a penis head have become nearly ubiquitous in NYC. Well, if you've ever wanted to give him a knuckle sandwich for making your little daughter ask, "What's a dick chicken?" then this video will bring you one step closer to identifying him. Though his face is obscured by (what else?) a cartoon dickchicken, his voice and physicality are now documented for analysis! And even Mr. Chicken admits he can't blame people for being mad, because "really, who wants three foot dicks spray painted on their building?" Of course, in classic Gen Y style, Chicken adds, "But I take no responsibility for any of it!"

The segment covers his solo show debut at 3rd Ward, and Chicken says other galleries are calling. That's right, Dickchicken's so hot right now, but at least he's not letting it go to his head: "There's a buzz around my work! I had no idea I would be so quickly put up into the top tiers of the most sought-after graffiti artists in New York. People see it on the street and they're like, 'That's guy's hilarious!'" Ha ha, a penis on a chicken! It's funny 'cuz it's true. Watch your back, BNE.