Actor and comedian Richard Belzer, better known to the western civilization as the inimitable Detective Munch, was on Fox New York this morning to promote the 14th season of Law and Order: SVU on DVD. And as you may have imagined, the conversation included lots of talk of sodomy and furniture-banging, as well as a Nazi salute. Watch below!

The sodomy and furniture-banging was in reference to whether Fox host David Price might ever guest star on the show: "If he gets molested and banged in the ass," Belzer cracked, then adding: "I meant banged against a piece of furniture." Before the segment ended, Belzer gave a Nazi salute and told the anchors to "say Heil to all your colleagues in the other division" (something which Belzer also did at a red carpet event back in June.)

Belzer's rep explained to TMZ that it was a "satirical gesture toward Fox News...whose ideology he is opposed to." Lest you weren't in on the LOLs, they added, "The other portion was a joke pertaining to the material of Richard's TV show, which he tweaked at the last minute to make about furniture. A joke is a joke." We get that Belzer likes being racy with Hitler humor (he is Jewish and all), but there's nothing funny about furniture sodomy.