Dave Chappelle followed up his couchtime on David Letterman earlier this week—his first late night interview in over a decade—with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. While the interview with Letterman was a rather serious affair, mostly about how he "technically" never quit his Comedy Central show, Fallon was more interested in hearing some of his fun celebrity stories, including how he met The Roots (in Portland, Maine), how Prince used his photo for an album cover ("What am I gonna do? Sue him for using a picture of me dressed up as him? That’s checkmate"), and best of all, his first time meeting Kanye West—which doubled as a kind of birth for the Kanye West we all know and love.

"I’m at the edit for the Chappelle’s Show watching sketches no one has seen before…because my life is dope and I do dope shit," Chappelle recalls West declaring to someone on the phone. If only we all could have been so lucky as to have encountered young Kanye.

Chappelle, who will play a nine-date residency at Radio City Music Hall later this month, also told Fallon about interacting with his fake social media accounts, and living on a farm in Ohio. Watch that below.