Groovy dance freak Thom Yorke and musical soul-mate Nigel Godrich swung by Le Poisson Rouge earlier this month for a DJ set behind Atoms For Peace's debut album, AMOK. The set, which featured new songs and ones from Yorke's first solo album The Eraser, was just a taster for the band's full lineup tour coming later this year. But when you've got Yorke in full-ponytail mode contorting his face into a million beautiful twitches, it's still wildly entertaining.

"Originally, we were just going to DJ and not play any of our shit...Then we got carried away," Yorke told Rolling Stone before the March 14th show. "We've basically just cut everything up into its constituent parts. We'll try to re-cut the tunes live, mixing in loads of other bits and pieces and collaging stuff together."

Above, watch Yorke and Godrich twitch out and perform "Default" from AMOK with a backdrop of visuals by artist Tarik Barri. Oh sure, he may look a bit like a weird European uncle with his Nirvana-aping t-shirt and up-all-night scruff, but videos like this are yet another reminder to let Yorke be Yorke and just enjoy his merry weirdness.