Maybe SNL writers read the same article as we did comparing Ted Cruz's voice to Dana Carvey's Church Lady persona, because The Church Lady herself showed up in the cold open of Saturday Night Live last night to bid adieu to the presidential candidate that couldn't. Making her first appearance since Carvey hosted in 2011, Church Lady made fun of the "genital fashions" of Madonna & Beyonce before interviewing Cruz and "godless liberal Democrat" Donald Trump.

Along with a spattering of catchphrases ("Well, isn't that special?"), Carvey got some very good lines in at Cruz's expense ("Was it god's plan for you to get humiliated by an orange mannequin?"), Trump revealed his favorite religious texts ("2 Genesis 2 Furious," and the part where Jon Snow comes back to life), and Kate McKinnon killed it with a five second cameo as the latest addition to Trump's model harem.