Last week, a tussle occurred outside the Bowling Green subway station when a Naked Hillary statue was displayed there. Less than three hours after going up, it was toppled over by a woman who sat on it and called it "obscene." After some tug-of-war with the statue's presumed owner, it was finally removed by police. We thought that was the last we'd see of it—until it popped up yesterday in Union Square.

The piece, which is the work of 27-year-old Anthony Scioli and officially titled "The Empress Has No Shame," depicts a half-naked Clinton with hooves for legs, stomping on what appear to be her deleted emails and Benghazi (she's also being fondled by what resembles a Wall Street banker).

During an interview (see video above), spokesperson Zachary Cedarbaum explained that the piece was created by five people from all sides of the political aisle: "The statue itself depicts problems that the Republican supporters are having with Benghazi, the emails, big banks...but the big thing that came up with this is the attack on freedom of speech and bias in our society. When the Donald statue came out, a lot of people were like, 'Oh this is hysterical, this is funny.' A lot of those same people are now going, 'Oh my god, I can't believe they're doing this, it's deplorable, how can you show a woman that way?' This was not done to shame a woman or shame a woman's body, it was done to show these people they have a double-standard."

As for the symbolism of her broken hands, which were damaged last week, Cedarbaum told the Post, "The Republicans have taken it as her inability to get things done."

There were no fights around the statue this time, and it wasn't taken away by "counterterrorism officials" as it was last week.

This wasn't the only anti-Hillary statue to make its way to NYC this week:

In case you were wondering how much one of these nearly-nude presidential statues might go for, one of the naked Donald statues ("The Emperor Has No Balls") sold at auction for $22,000 in L.A. over the weekend.