With 5Pointz in danger of getting demolished as soon as next year—to make way for a luxury apartment building, of course—it may be a good idea to visit the "Institute of Higher Burnin" again, or for the first time if you haven't already. In the below video you'll get a taste of what the site has to offer, from curator and Queens native Meres One... it goes way beyond tagged walls.

You can check out the place on your own, or you can hit up this SideTour experience, where for $35 you'll get a guided tour from Meres One, who will tell you about the history of 5Pointz, its purpose, and "its strong ties to the music community (Joan Jett, Joss Stone and Mobb Deep have all been known to pay visits)." Meres will also give a live demo of his own work, and bring you to the rooftop of the "largest, legal, aerosol art exhibit space in the United States."