Since David Blaine brings the city stunts that are more publicity driven than anything else, it's nice to look at the performers who really pulled some stuff off back in the day. Sure, we all know about Philippe Petit's daring 1974 wire walk between the Twin Towers, but flashback for 1932 for a moment when a woman rode a zip line across Times Square...clinging on by her teeth.

The performer is Tiny Kline (who lived from 1891 to 1964), and during her time she was a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus performer, where this type of signature "slide for life/iron jaw" stunt captivated many (think you got what it takes?). Later in life, at the age of 70, the talented acrobat played Tinker Bell in the "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks show at Disneyland. Read more about her fascinating and full life in her memoir.