Like contract bridge players and synchronized swimmers, people who crochet are a notoriously high-strung bunch (sorry). Their craft requires enormous concentration and attention to detail, and pretty much anyone who's ever interrupted a crochet artist mid-slip stitch has tasted the sharp sting of their hook.

Given the high-stakes nature of their art, it's understandable that crocheters require ample space for their elbows, especially on a crowded subway train. Unfortunately, not everyone respects the pressure that America's crocheters are under. According to LiveLeak, this crochetspreader "claimed she paid for two seats" so she could be sure to have the space she needed to crochet her way to glory.

New York City is in a truly dark place when we force our most valuable asset—crochet artists—to pay double just to ply their trade in our transit system. Please, if you spot a crocheter on the subway, kindly give up your seat so they may work their mysterious magic unhindered. Crocheting is pretty much the only thing propping up our local economy, other than artisanal toothpicks, we need to treat these people with respect or they'll move to Cleveland.

[Via Reddit]