You know what I love? Montauk. I used to go every year when I was a little kid and no one knew what Momofuku was yet. It was glorious. But even if Montauk has changed, I still love it. You know what I also used to love? The band Hole. And even if Courtney Love has changed (though... change is actually encouraged in humans, supposedly), I would still go see her play live in a second.

(It is a good time to mention that I have a nostalgia condition that my boss tells me is fatal, so be sensitive to the pining I do for different eras of my life.)

So anyway, it is with great heartbreak that I announce to myself that Courtney Love played at least one intimate show at Surf Lodge in Montauk this week. Right on the goddamn waterfront. Covering Fleetwood Mac.

And all I got were these 6-second Vines:

Fine, one non-Vine:

The show was a warm-up show for her upcoming short tour of the New York area.