We all know New Yorkers tend to take Halloween very seriously, whether they're dressing themselves up as the Astor Place Cube or dressing their dog up as the Q train. We already have a possible winner for this year's Most Dedicated Halloween Costume: vlogging couple Jesse Wellens and Carmella Rose ("Crazy Pranks. Pranking Couple. Public Prank.") dressed up as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia this weekend and rode around Manhattan on a custom Star Wars Speeder Bike built by Lithium Cycles.

And you'll never guess who was working the cameras behind-the-scenes: professional fun-haver Casey Neistat, a.k.a. the real life Poochie who occasionally snowboards through NYC and takes fancy plane rides for no good reason and makes his living doing extreme vlogging. You may remember some of Jesse and Casey's previous Halloween pranks like Aladdin and Silver Surfer taking magic carpet rides through the city. Watch below to see how this one came together...but only if you're truly prepared to watch a "FAKE PRANK EXPOSED."

And here's how Lithium Cycles created the speeders:

And here are a couple more photos of the couple out and about:

What a weekend! Here’s a quick photo dump. It was a short but super fun trip to New York with some great friends. If you’ve never been to New York, here’s some advice 1: the subway smells and will give you motion sickness 2: “thin” pizza is New York pizza, and it’s cheap and delicious 3: don’t drive. You’ll probably die or take an hour to go 5 miles 4: Times Square is NUTS 5: Whole Foods is a way of life 6: there’s a Starbucks on every corner 7: 3 drinks at a bar will cost you $50+ Short list, but I was only there for like a day and a half and I didn’t really venture out much lol #newyork #starwars #scouttrooper #idenversio #returnofthejedi #endor #speederbike #jessewellens #youtube #halloween #super73 #super73scout #carmellarose #battlefront2 #infernosquad

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