One of the weirdest heckling incidents since John Lennon got ejected from a Smothers Brothers show happened on Saturday night at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, where a group of NYPD officers marched in to make an arrest during a comedian's set—then heckled him when he cracked wise about the disruption. It's hard to make out the cops in the video, but you can clearly hear one of them tell performer Adam Newman to "shut the f*ck up." Nice burn.

Confused as to what the police are doing there, Newman asks the officers, "You guys couldn't have waited until after my set?" One is heard replying, "Obviously not," while the other one adds, "Obviously, shut the fuck up, alright?" Hey officers, we don't come to YOUR job and yell out snide remarks about how YOU work... (mainly because we don't want to get pepper-sprayed).

Later, Newman Tweeted:

The NYPD press office didn't have any information about the arrest, but considering how much press Newman's gotten out of this, they can probably expect a very nice muffin basket some time this week.