After weeks of furry-ously campaigning, the Cookie Monster succeeded in his quest to host make an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. He sang "Silver Bells" with host Jeff Bridges, who brought his affable presence (though not enough Lebowski charm) to the final show of 2010. The episode brought the usual mix of SNL sweet spots: a laugh-free political cold-open, an effervescent Miley Cyrus Show (with added salvia references), Bill Hader's fantastic Julian Assange (by-way-of Count Von Count) parody, and a team-up by Weekend Update all-stars Gov. Paterson, Stefon, and Snookie to sing “O Christmas Tree.” Click through to see those videos, plus a "Crunkmas" commercial, and the new Lonely Island digital short, "I Just Had Sex," featuring cameos by Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, John McEnroe, and Akon (and serious, if we just had sex with Joanna Newsom, we'd be shouting about it too).