Bus drivers get a bad rap, considering they have to navigate a large object through city traffic all day while trying to calm unruly straphangers. So we couldn't help but smile seeing folks decide to do something nice for them. Enter the adorable I Heart M15 Bus Drivers project.

As part of a SVA course taught by designer Stefan Sagmeister called "Can Design Touch Someone’s Heart?," two MFA design students, Lizzy Showman and Kathleen Fitzgerald, decided to do a kindness for the drivers of the M15, the second busiest bus in the country. Namely, they made them adorable seat cushions—which also make great fart mufflers and faux briefcases!—and handed them out to drivers around town. As you can see, the drivers were touched:

Meanwhile, in case you were curious? We're told MTA workers are not allowed to accept gifts worth more than $15.